Looking to buy Liquid or Gel Hand Sanitizer?

We are able to keep you safely supplied with both Liquid or Gel Hand Sanitizer. We have 330ml, 500ml, 1L plastic bottles, as well as 20L pails and 1000L Totes of Hand Sanitizer.

The answer is yes, we are still a Craft Distillery as well.
And we are still making our spirits.

Smooth 42 Craft Distillery, is still primarily in the business of making amazing alcohol. When you order hand sanitizer you can also ask for a case of our moonshine or our specialty vodka in the comments of your order. We will do our best to accommodate your requests. Ask for us at your local liquor store too! The best ones stock our products, the others just haven’t tried us yet! We appreciate all the support.

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about Smooth 42

An immediate shift to make Hand Sanitizer to fight a pandemic.

Owners of Smooth 42 Craft Distillery, Adam and Sacha, are normally more known for creating exceptionally smooth hand crafted premium alcohol with as much locally sourced raw materials as possible.

Before the pandemic they were just launching CRE8 Eco Vodka, a unique 180 proof (90%) alcohol spirit meant to be used for infused “mix your own” flavoured vodka – this is why they were able to move quickly to produce sanitizers with alcohol content north of the minimum 60% needed to kill a virus like COVID-19

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit the world hard in March 2020 they immediately shut down production of craft spirits and were one of the very first distilleries who were uniquely prepared to step up and help protect the public by donating as much high proof “Emergency Vodka” as they could. It was used as general sanitizer and hand sanitizer for all the emergent workers, first responders and front line staff most exposed to the dangers.

After that first couple of weeks the necessary approvals were finalized in order to produce the Rubbing Alcohol replacement and the Cre8 Hand Sanitizer 80%. Bulk orders on this site are for the hand sanitizer.



Available Bulk Sizes of Cre8 Hand Sanitizer

We are able to offer 500ml x 30 per case, 1L x 12 per case, and 20L pails.


Sanitizer Per Case Lot

We are able to offer cases of 500ml bottles (30 per case) $9.99 per bottle = $299.70

And cases of 1L bottles (12 per case) $14.99 per bottle = $179.88

*minimum 1 case per order.

These are perfect for smaller outfits or retailers who wish to sell the individual bottles separately.

Boxes of Cre8 Hand Sanitizer

Sanitizer By the Pail

We are able to offer 20L Pails of Cre8 Hand Sanitizer so if you plan to fill your own bottles for your employees this is a great option. $9.99 per litre x 1 – 20L Pail = $199.80

*Pro tip = purchase a small electric pump typically made for gas or oil to easily fill sanitizer bottles.

Organize an internal “bring your own sanitizer bottle” drive to fill for employees.

20L Pails of Cre8 Hand Sanitizer

Truly Bulk Sanitizer by the Drum

We currently are not producing these based on the overwhelming need for bottles and pails. Contact us for a special order if needed.

Bulk Hand Sanitizer by the 200L Drum. If you are a larger industry or institution this is a great option if you plan to go through a fair amount.
$8.99 per litre x 1 – 200L Drum = $1798.00

This also works well if you are planning to bottle for distribution
or sale.

Cre8 Hand Sanitizer 200L Bulk Drums

Really BULK Cre8 Hand Sanitizer by the Tote

Bulk Cre8 Hand Sanitizer by the 1000L Tote!! If you are part of a truly big outfit and need to supply copious amount of cleanliness then this is certainly the best bang for your buck. $6.99 per litre x 1 – 1000L Tote = $6999.00

Also a very suitable way to order for bottling and distribution.

Cre8 Hand Sanitizer 1000L Bulk Tote

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