Cre8 Gel Hand Sanitizer – 1000L Tote

$6.88 per litre

Full Truck Load (FTL) discount @ 22 Totes (dual axle trailer = 22 totes) (triple axle trailer = 26 totes)

Once your order is placed our billing and distribution centre will contact you to make the necessary arrangements.
*totes may not be exactly as shown
Quantity Price
1 - 9 $6,879.00
10 - 21 $6,599.00
22+ $6,329.00
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We are able to offer bulk Cre8 Hand Sanitizer by the 1000L Tote!!

If you are part of a truly big outfit and need to supply copious amount of cleanliness then this is certainly the best bang for your buck.

Also a very suitable way to order for bottling and distribution.